Oracle's Voice

Technoscientist, Alchemist, Genetic Engineer, Circe — the metamorphosis
women, BUTOH/RAP/Indian scaling versifying processed electronically
with the Choir, bees, birds and frogs.

I am a Mix no slipping tricks, of a mix, a rattle full of holes
rapid sharp clatterchatter, you will rattle.
I am a bottle, many bottles
With messages at sea SHOT
Through with sound and fury
IN Distinguish able IN Extinguish able.
So Scaling we go with some repetition
Since we need to speak and always with some NOISE NOISENOISENOISE SOUND
Creating SPACE. ProCessing PACE
Real, Concrete and Partial Rhyme

I am always growing older Growing younger
Always Hunger
Desiring & beginning to resemble myself
Assemble Dissemble MySELF Turning up on my Head
Doing Double Helix Double Dutch
Seeking the echo of my voice
Watch it a VaryAble
A New Stable
Of echos Like Atlantic
Atlantic, isn't that an ocean ?
Let's toast it Our waters
Our META Among and After
Our Meta More Phosis
Metab Olism Transmitting juices
For our PROTO plasm
Ah, a fresh OR Gasp BLINK
Shake it off OR Dot Dot Dot

Bombardment Everywhere
Blink Blink BLANK
One inside the other
Slipping the message Slipping the message
Inside the Bottle.
Hot Bottle Water Brother Sister - linked words
Siamese hydrant plugged into the Background
Grinding with the Back and Forth
INextri Cable INadmissable INsatiable
Yours Truly Human Sib

Listen to the Sibyls
While the Warmongers Quibble
SUUS descended and returning to the same
Ground back Immersed Ventriloqual
Belly and Sea same
SNOT green sea OH
Thalassa singing sighing soughing

Words linked monkey rope bobbing in the noise
Carrying and intercepting
Hindering and delivering
Distribution in the system
I Wax I Wane
Without TOUCH

You wanna rush
RUSH good Percuss
Hit it hard Hit it rough
That ancient Stuff Knowledge and our THIRST
These old friends
Produced the lens
Optical ancestors
Seducers they lured
Living IN the illusion they secured
InFlorescent Of hovering Apparition
Smoke Screens and Panopticon
Spiked round with the industry of
Tricking Flat Projection
Now more the INFLUENCE
Than the flow from the stars
And then surveillance

We ride a broadcast sensory input
from our terminals, our homes
Pulsing we blink
In the dazzling displace ment
of war, politics, mass production
and our neuroses
ah those mesmerizing simulcasts marking out space.
Holograph Ahead !!

Tatooed with the labels of our stuff ubiquitous
Mirror ourselves root less
Multiplying personalities Replicating possibilities
Diagnosis defining identity
The stream of hereditary,
historical reality and sexual origin IS
CUT from our conceptual landscape.
Kinetic spectacle our contoured bodies
PUSHPUSHPUSHing in a retinal swoon
Autonomous entity Give this some sympathy
What Remains?
Yours Truly Human SIB

From within the matrix electric
we weave our social networks
with our threads of Ones and Zeroes
we ride digital carpets looking
at our machines looking back at us looking at them
shrunk in paralyzing cynicism
or seduced by utopian realms of possibility.
Here we are with our threads,
our arterial highways sewing the veils, the disguise,
the illusive fabric of our world.
HOW we link our own bodies with the bodies of others.
Can we speak of multiples ?
Touch Touch me I touch Touch I Of touching and being touched as in IN
ZERO is Everywhere

Let us stutter
Leave us our limits and our contradictions.
See the parabolic arc in
This Honeyed Panegyric
Turbulence, turbulence and Noise.
WITHOUT TOUCH we are LEFT with only
WITHOUT TOUCH we are left
Yours Truly Human SIB

Jenny Lynn McNutt 2004


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The text at left is from Parabolic Arc: a solo performance with choreography, projection screens and spoken word.

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